I made modular assets, buildings, props, vehicles, and textures at Gearbox for Brothers in Arms:Hell's Highway. I also worked with Art Lead Eli Luna and programmer Rick Johnson to streamline and develop the destruction system.

Responsible for building work, textures/materials, and some foliage

Some assets and buildings I contributed to.

Responsible for making Philips building

This is a small portion of the assets I worked on for intact and destroyed buildings

Here I was working with programmer Benny Wilson to assist in the development of the Steep Parallax tech for the gore decals.

The destruction received a lot of material work to optimize modular assets on the PS3. We used channel packed masks all over the map to give us quick material variation.

Destruction was easier once the proper collision systems were put in place. Collision geoms were auto-generated with a script and tweaked in 3dsmax. Then the object was imported as a skeletal mesh in Unreal and converted to Unreal Phat for physics