• (2018-present) Rocksteady – Position: Game Art Feature Lead

  • -Working on any and all facets of art that are needed: modeling, materials, etc. for hard surface and organic assets (filling the gaps)
    -Maintaining quality and ensuring that art content is industry leading
    -Arranging the teams backlog to ensure work is prioritised that will assist in creating industry leading art work
    -Being a point of contact for dependencies and issues that arise within the art team
    -Facilitating meetings both within the art team and other teams
    -Managing outsourcing and providing clear and concise feedback to ensure art quality and art consistency at Rocksteady.
    -Promoting a positive, open culture within the art team (and with other teams)
    -workflow and pipeline development

  • (2017-present) Rocksteady – Position: Senior Artist

  • -Look Development and Environment Art -Level Lead and asset creation management
    -Composition, layout, and performance/optimization
    -sculpting, modeling, and texturing hard surface and organic assets
    -workflow and pipeline development

  • (2015-2017) SIE Guerrilla Games Cambridge – Position: Principle Environment Artist

  • -Look Development and target models -Level Lead and asset creation management
    -Composition, layout, and performance/optimization for Playstation VR
    -sculpting, modeling, and texturing hard surface and organic assets
    -workflow and pipeline development for VR

  • (2014-2015) Bioware Austin – Position: Senior Environment Artist

  • -Created environment assets and materials
    -Lead strike teams and managing outsourcing

  • (2011-2014) Nerve Software – Position: Senior 3d Artist

  • -Art Management and tasking of environment assets and lighting
    -Worked with design to create fun and exciting levels
    -Created assets, concepts, and environments for an array of games

  • (2013-Present) Collin College – Position: Adjunct Professor

  • -Instructor for special topics: Zbrush and game art
    -Worked with students to further develop their portfolios for work in the game industry

  • (2008-2011) Terminal Reality– Position: Senior Environment Artist

  • -Managed strike teams to complete environment tasks for milestones
    -Worked with other artists and concept artists to create assets, vehicles, destruction, and environments
    -Worked with the design team to help establish gameplay for environments

  • (2007-2007) Gearbox Software– Position: Environment Artist

  • -Produced models and assets for the design team
    -Assisted in the creation of the destructible cover system

  • (2006-2007) Liquid Development– Position: Environment Artist

  • -worked with management to created models, props, and materials

  • (2005-2007) Terminal Reality– Position: Environment Artist

  • -Created concepts, storyboards, assets, and environments
    -Worked on several demos and assisted in the creation of custom art tools in the engine

  • (2004-2005) Element X Creative– Position: 3d Multimedia Generalist

  • -Worked as a modeler, character animator, motion graphics artist, and visual effects artist
    -Created TV commercials, DVD menus, marketing material, and convention motion graphics



    Guerrilla Cambridge

    Bioware Austin

    Nerve Software


    Terminal Reality

    Gearbox Software

    Liquid Development

    Terminal Reality

    Element X Creative