I worked on Call of Duty: Blackops 2, Ghosts, Advanced Warfare, and Blackops 3. My responsibilities were assets, shaders, architectural construction, and environment composition. There are many aspects of the environments that are not displayed below such as design and optimization.

I made the destroyed buildings and terrain here plus worked on other areas of the map

James Gresko and I cranked through the shell modeling in the trenches area while Ethan McCaughey hit the back alley. Alan Flores and Chris Edmiston were on asset duty. We all worked on rebuilding the tower in the background so Infinity Ward could blow it up. Really cool to see the final result.

A map portion from the trench. I was responsible for 2 very large sections, but ended up working on a bit of everything. This was definitely a team effort to get things working right. World machine and custom zbrushed meshes were used throughout the map. Our tech artist Ethan made our lives easier by writing a script that exports these sets of meshes directly to Radiant with proper uvs and materials.

We spent some time working on assets and concepts for the estate map. I took this helmet from concept through zbrush and materials in a couple days.

An example of my 3d concepts we fired back and forth to Raven for final approval of interior assets before we built them.

We split the swat vehicle up into pieces, interior, exterior, and tires. I knocked these out in a couple days with materials.

We spent a lot of time on the assets for this map