Enjoyed working on Dragon Age Inquisition. My contributions included lighting, world building, asset creation, optimization, some shader work, and post.

I spent time blocking out and arting the central cave areas. Earthquakes have left this structure in complete ruin.

I built and lit the Uncharted Abyss, and created the lyrium assets for the map. Chris Hahn helped with the lyrium shader and added additional shader changes to this area such as the glowing shader you see on the cave ceiling. The original blockout of the Uncharted Abyss was by Conner McCampbell and continued by Robby Lamb.

Bastion of the Pure

More shots from the Uncharted abyss- Bastion of the Pure and the Earthshaker barriers of the Sha-Brytol

A quick sculpt for the Sha-Brytol Earth Shaker walls. I wanted to spend more time on this but time was short.

I did many tests for the lyrium look and shader

I blocked and constructed the first main cave using Chris Hahn's sketch as a guide for player progression. I did most of the lighting in this area. The rock meshes were created by Ben Lewis which were used across the map.

This was a fun collapsed transition to put together and light. World building and some asset creation

One of the many bridges I constructed with the help of Christian Clark's broken assets

An early world building, lighting, and post test for the dwarven interiors to match a specific concept

Some later adjustments to the dwarven interiors

I added this to show the complexity of each area. So much care was put into the placement of everything to help traverse the player through the gameplay space.