We had 3.5 months to complete all 6 Aliens:Colonial Marines DLC maps. Below is the Nostromo map which was made from scratch in 3 weeks.

The action needed to be balanced between marines and aliens so the level was designed to be 1 single floor.

I made a quick high poly kit to knock out this door. Unfortunately I didn't have access to the Fox Vault for complete film accuracy and got as close as possible within the timeframe.

I had 2 days to make the modular pieces for the maintenance room, everything had to be strip modeled for time, except for the door which was high poly.

We divided up the task of breaking out the assets we needed to make this map. This enabled us to quickly draw up a spreadsheet. In the end, we had to cut several rooms due to time constraints. I'm happy that I got a chance to work on such an icon environment from the original Alien film.