Some of BLizzard fan art I've done in the past, more to come...:)

This was my initial concept, but the shape and form of the ship was hard to understand from the top-down perspective of Starcraft 2.

Some early 3d shape and form tests, which I eventually scrapped.

I guestimated the stats basing them on several other units in the game, and came up with 2 abilities for this ship.

A preliminary building model to learn the starcraft style.

Some World of Warcraft fanart from one of Samwise's concepts

A hearthstone 3d board test. The texture is projected onto the geometry from the camera view. The clock hands are custom unwrapped models for animation.

I hand painted the animation frames. This was a tribute to the clock tower in Back to the Future. Jomaro Kindred came up with this idea in his concept, and I decided to run with it for fun.