I worked on Aliens while at Nerve Software in conjunction with Gearbox. My job at the beginning of Aliens was to light and construct the maps, and support our design team any way necessary. We ended up working on the single player campaign and the multiplayer. I ended up making many assets.

My core responsibilties were management, lighting, and scene construction in Unreal.

This scene was created from scratch, but was not used for the final game. Unreal breakdown below.

I spent time refining lighting in these screenshots below. These shots and more ended up in Game Informer, and one of them is on the back of the game's box.

Ethan McCaughey helped me pose the Alien and one of the characters for this shot. I was able to shove the ship in the background and spend time getting the lighting right.

Here are some Before and After Shots. The "Before" shots are what I received from the designer. The "After" are my changes.