I worked with Valve to support the player stamping system in TF2. Valve was looking for stamping ideas, and ways they could implement this into their microtransaction based system. I drew up a document and some models. Several weapons were tested and the Conscientous Objector was later added to the game. A player can upload an image to place on the sign and express themselves while they beat their foes to death. :)

The "Frame of Shame" is the alternate version of the Conscientious objector. This was created upon request for the TF2 community. There are 2 more varients I have drawn up.

The Special Delivery Pack weapon set from the Polycount competition. I was among one of the 5 winners to get their assets in the game, and be the first set of weapons to be included in Valve's TF2 store.

This weapon was originally created for decals. Unfortunately, the idea was stolen and another artist adapted it by creating the freedom staff.

The Unholy Mackerel and the Salty Slappers
'These slimy appendages are best suited for the more upscale market'

Concept: IF
Model/flex: TheHeartsman
Texture/inspiration: 5p3tch